Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Frankly, he preferred Humans. Rescued from a slave market by a human trader and raised as his son, one question has haunted Heyoka Blackeagle through the years. Who and what is he? He feels human, indeed he feels like a somewhat alienated member of his father's tribe. So what if he is seven feet tall, furry, and equipped with retractable claws? Human is as human does ... right?

A superb story, well written with great characters. The author has managed to take us into a culture that is so very different to ours through the eyes of the Hrinn, Heyoka Blackeagle. We learn with him about who and what he is and feel his confusion as he struggles to understand his people and their ways. The skill of this author is the manner in which he takes us down this path and helps us understand this race so alien to our own. A superb read.

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