Thursday, 7 March 2013


Is Azkun an ancient hero returned to save them all or just a madman with absurd ideas about dragons? The King of Anthor has no time for ancient heroes and even less time for dragons. Old crimes are coming back to haunt him and old enemies are stirring on his borders. His last hopes may lie with Azkun, whoever he is. This is a gritty fantasy with no elves anywhere.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers.

This book is well-written with beautifully portrayed characters, places and events. It kept me enthralled to the end and should have been a five-star book, but it's not. The book built up hopes and dreams. We were looking for the triumph of good over evil but what we got was a deep sense of hopelessness and desperation that left me feeling depressed. The main character, who had led us all with his visions and dreams of summoning dragons and the dawn of a new future, never did summon one. In fact, the dragons turned out to be no more intelligent, charming or magical than a T-Rex. The end didn't just dash our hopes. It smashed them to pieces and then trampled on them. To conclude then, for the writing skills and the storyline, I would recommend the book. For the ending ... sorry, I don't.

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