Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Micah Slate has lived centuries, his lonely existence dedicated to the protection of art. Then he meets Ophilia Morgan, a young artist who has transformed herself into a living work of art. Micah thinks she'll never give him a second glance, but she has dark secrets of her own. When a greedy socialite uses Micah's museum as the setting for fraud and destruction, he and Ophilia will be thrown together in a night of mayhem.

If you are looking for a short but delightful read, this is it. It fits neatly into the genre of FANTASY with an air of Terry Pratchett about it. It's well written, grammatically correct with good punctuation and formatting--things that so often let the Indie Author down. The storyline is well-crafted, beautifully told and entertaining and the characters well rounded. The book did something few do--I found myself wanting to go to bed so I could read the next chapter. Don't let the fact it's a short story put you off either. It's not hurried and yet it is eventful. It left me with that rare feeling of sadness that one gets when you have finished a really good book. I want more!

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