Monday, 16 July 2012

Everybody tells me I should blog...

. . . but I'm not exactly sure why.
Do people really want to listen to me blathering on about... well, that's the problem really... what should I blog about? People say, 'talk about anything'. Yeah right, 'cause people want to listen to me ratting on about any old thing . . .
Don't get me wrong, I have sat down and tried to blog and it goes one of two ways depending on whether I stay in the land of fact (I believe it's called Earth) or launch into the world of fiction (I spend a lot of time there you see. It's a very nice, comfortable place where I have lots of friends), and I either end up with a bloody good whinge (that's staying on Earth) or the beginnings of another great story (if I delve into the world of fiction). Now, if I stay in the world of fact, I'll just depress everybody and turn into an old moaner. If I start talking about fiction, I'll end up writing something far too long to be a blog . . . forthcoming book titles already forming in my mind... The Blog in the Night, One Blog too Many, The Blog, Blogs of War, Blog Pound, Black Blog (that last one might be a bit too subtle), One Man and his Blog...
. . . I'm ranting now, aren't I? . . . Do rants count as blogs? Is this a mini-blog? :-D


  1. Ranting can be blogging. Blogging is just open conversation. Find something you want to talk about and go for it. I have a rant blog, but I don't publicize it. Just where I place my mean thoughts.
    This is a good start for you. Add a subscribe to your blog and I'll follow.

    When you have time check out one of my blogs and tell me what you think. It's a peek into my character's life.

  2. Love the blog! Now add a few gadgets and you're away! :)

  3. It depends on the preoccupations of the society in which one lives.Swear-words of a blasphemous, sexual or scatological nature lose their power to shock in a secular and uninhibited society, but the unholy trinity of sexist, racist, homophobic has replaced them.

  4. Very nice post, I liked it! I never really know what to post on my blog. Since it kinda serves as my website as well, I try to post about my books, but even then it end up sitting with the same post for weeks before I write another post, hehe!

    If you want, check mine out and let me know what you think. I only have 10 followers right now XD

  5. Well done, AB. In this mad digital world, when we all feel the need to communicate about something, your approach is fresh and appealing. Keep it up.

    We will stay in touch on twitter.

    Billy Ray

  6. Don't know if you got my previous comment so here goes again...

    Your 'blathering' is wonderful, fresh, and appealing. We are all trying to communicate in this mad digital world, with our books, with our blog posts, with our chats. I have two blog sites. One is my website and blog: - the other blog site is: - what's on one is generally on the other.

    Wanted to tell you that my family roots are in Chetwode, a marvelous hamlet just north of London. The 'Chitwood clan' goes back to the tenth century in England, I'm told by my genealogy-driven wife. While in London five years ago, we went to Chetwode. My wife caught a tear in her camera lens as I knelt by a grave stone, rubbing away the grit of time to find a name and date. It was likely one of the most defining moments of my life, standing there on that atavistic ground where my humble ancestors began it all...

    Now, what was it you said about blathering?

    Glad we are following each other on twitter. My books and your books are not so genre-friendly perhaps, but my bet is we will enjoy our mutual reads. My books, as are yours, are on and (kindle/print).

    My very best to you, AB.

    Billy Ray


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